Orange Babies Ball by Bas Kosters Studio

A Bas Kosters fun fashion fantastic show at Orange Babies Ball 2016 Our Bas Kosters fashion show at Orange Babies Ball 2016 was fun, fantastic and booming. Thanks to a great team with styling and storyline by Caroline Fuchs and Suze Kuit and their team production by Joanne Schouten and House of Orange. With visuals by Alex Kaseta, music by Star Studded Studios: Sander Stenger, Joost van Bellen and Freek de Ruiter. Choreography by Frontrowbackstage: Bas Andrea and Nathalie Haelermans, the Bas Kosters studio assistants, hair under the lead of Irena Ruben and make-up under the lead of Mathias van Hooff. The fashion is magic!


Orange Babies Ball
November 2016
The Harbour Club Amsterdam