My Paper Crown AW17

My Paper Crown AW17

Out of a fascination for used materials Bas Kosters collected hundreds of second-hand cotton flags. These were lovingly treated and made into outfits by an intensive making process.  Bas: nowadays, we often overlook the true value of things and other people, and approach each other from our own preconceptions. This leads to the human factor, the unicity if the individual, being overlooked. Which is exactly what we should remain attentive to.

The inspiration for this expressive collection comes from different eras and continents, combining rococo and  traditional African costumes with workman’s clothes. The title of the collection, My Paper crown, also reflects on the importance of showing attention. After all, a paper crown is just as important as any other crown.

The show told the story of a village celebrating ‘Carrot day’. A group of workers made preparations for the parade in which the eccentrics from the village presented themselves to the world. This parade formed the actual fashion show. Designer bas Kosters sat on a mound of potatoes at the base of the catwalk, pealing them whilst overlooking this ‘Carrot day’. The multidisciplinary presentation was a collaboration with actors of theatre group ‘Dood paard’, singer Marielle Dijkhuizen, video artist Alex Kaseta and catwalk music by Starstudded studios.

Hope-inspiring creativity
An artist is often a free spirit, and could be called an eccentric. Sometimes creativity and artists suffer of a bad image, with creativity being portrayed as a luxury, something merely frivolous. In Bas’ opinion however, art, craftsmanship and creativity are vital to our society, bringing depth, perspective and hope.

With this collection, Bas wants to emphasise the importance of inclusivity, and how important it is to approach each other with an open mind. Everybody deserves an honest chance in life.

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