The Munchies Collection SS14

The Munchies ss14

The Munchies SS14 by Bas Kosters

“The Munchies” is a collection about food, tactility, happiness and colour.

Food is a very important part of our lives, and although there is a buzz around our global food industry and people are having new ideas about the importance and role of food in our lives, it still is a thing that makes us grow and love and makes us happy.

In this time were there is a global focus on international problems and issues concerning our food industry, we need some love and care, and emphasise on the things we need and that nurture us. We need food, instant happiness.

“The Munchies” is a collection inspired by the soul and function of food, with exclusive prints and the wide range of the colours of food.  Although the content of Bas’ collections are often outspoken, this collection emphasises on a universal language that will warm your heart and make you smile. The basis of the collection is the “Bas Kosters” ready to wear line with men, women and unisex selection. Next to classic styles like the famous printed leggings, hoody’s, lycra print dresses and tops, the collection features a new Bas portrait panel dress. Also, two new digitally printed silk scarfs have been added to the Bas Kosters scarf collection.

As a show master and storyteller, the greatest joy for Bas is to create outspoken showpieces with a focus on materials and textile arts, constantly reinventing his basic techniques, and placing them in a new daylight. Shredded fabrics and fringed leather come in a new colour palette, and now have also been used for weaving. Next to the ready to wear line there is a selection of storytelling, one of a kind showpieces and accessories completing the overall presentation and story. As a cherry on the cake Bas’ infamous monster dress has been revised for “The Munchies”.

Prints are the main focus in the work of Bas and therefore also play an important role in “The Munchies”. All prints, and base materials for the prints are created By Ba sand his team, through the means of textile objects, photography, illustration and collage.

Bas Kosters is an artist and a designer who under the name of his Bas Kosters Studio designs fashion collections, does fashion collaborations, makes illustrations and graphic designs, does music and dance performances, DJs, has a band, makes dolls, art pieces and installations and publishes his magazine “Extra Kak” four times a year.

This multidisciplinary approach to fashion, art and design will be the basis for the presentation of “The Munchies SS14”.

Together with local artist, models, performers and musicians, as well as a Dutch delegation, Bas will make sure the launch of “The Munchies SS14” will be a loving, inspiring, colourful and fulfilling event.

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