Clowns are People too AW 14/15
Do Clowns make selfies? Do they shower with their red nose on? Do they celebrate their birthday? Clowns are fun and a bit scary, young and old love to watch them, like a guilty pleasure, but do clowns like to be watched?
We live in a world of make believe, and we like to be entertained, but what is our own role in this? We might reflect on a clown as someone silly, someone to watch and laugh about. On the other hand we watch pop stars or television personalities like a fish in a fish tank. Also in this day and age it is quite easy to make fun of other people trough all different kind of social media. Have we become a nation of voyeurs and bully’s? We mustn’t forget that we all perform ourselves on a daily basis, how boring or exciting that role may be. In the art of performing oneself clothing is a very important language. Make it fun and stand out, people will watch anyway.
"Clowns are people too" is an uplifting and graphical collection consisting of casual street style items for men and women mixed with elaborate showpieces, all in a punkish aesthetic and a focus on exclusive prints. Returning key pieces like the Bas face panel dress, and elaborate leather pieces reinvent themselves in this collection.
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