1 2 Tree Fashion Collection by Bas Kosters Studio

1, 2, Tree collection AW12

The 1,2, Tree collection is inspired by the balance between the hectic city life and the peaceful- and quietness of nature.A digital, flashy, graphic, punk-like aesthetic with bright colours and a print overdose is the characteristic of this collection. A cuddly monster that can’t talk and communicates with his body. He comes from the woods and trees are his best friends. He eats letters and numbers and takes away our ability to speak. The speechlessness of nature and the necessity of feeling instead of talking or judging. A longing for the intuitiveness of nature. Structure and soft materials .The city and nature life clash in the outfits, wooliness and grand gestures meet the graphic and bright tailored side of city life.

1,2, Tree was presented on the opening night of the Amsterdam Fashion Week at the end of January 2012.

Photography by Peter Stigter
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