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Limited edition of the Bas Kosters Extra Kak Magazine, specially designed for the LOVE, FUCK YEAH! collection.

Posted on: 9 July, 2013 - 15:57 - Posted in: events
Bas Kosters Playground at Edha Interieur - 1
Bas Kosters Playground at Edha Interieur - 2
Bas Kosters Playground at Edha Interieur - 3
Bas Kosters Playground at Edha Interieur - 4
Bas Kosters Playground at Edha Interieur - 5 ExtraKak #7
Bas Kosters Playground at Edha Interieur - 6

Friday 5th July, Bas Kosters Playground at Edha Interieur opened! Have a look at some polaroids Bas took of his Playground.
Visit Edha Interieur and be dazzled at Willemspark 5-9, Amsterdam until 21st July.
As a bonus, the latest edition of Extrakak magazine is available at Edha!

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This sunday there will be an fun HTNK One Day Shop @ Trouw Amsterdam
Ofcourse there will be nice Bas Kosters pieces that you can buy!

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This saturday Bas Kosters will performe with his dj partner Shirley Hart at Obession Outdoor at the Rariteiten Kabinet stage!
Come and see them performe!!

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The second edition of Extra Kak Magazine is online now! This very limited edition was realised in collaboration with Vodafone and is specially designed for the presentation of the 1,2 Tree collection, shown at the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2012. 
Some of my dearest artist friends: Jan Hoek, Wibo Kosters, Esther de Groot and Erik Alkema contributed to this edition of Extra Kak.
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Huraaay yeeeeey, there are 10 people that have won the Bas Kosters goodybag for filling in of the inquiry. The goodybags are ready and will be sending out to the winnars today! Thanks for the reactions of the winnars on our mail. Have fun with it lucky (Bas)tards! xxxx kisses

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This sunday Fashionpack will performe at OHAF (Oud Hollandsch Acid Feest) on Pinksteren. 
Come and see us!

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Fashion Pack is Tonight dj'ing at NYX Amsterdam at the party: Queer Amsterdam
Queer Amsterdam just had their premiere at Tuschinski and are working hard behind to scenes to realize their dreams, that they can make a whole serie of ‘Queer Amsterdam’. In between they would love to bring all of you back together to make a party and see eachother again.
So come and party with Bas tonight!

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We just published the infamous first issue of extra kak magazine online for the whole world to read!!

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Op 25, 26 en 27 april infiltreert Bas Kosters met zijn team creatief platform Kapitaal in Utrecht. Kapitaal wordt omgetoverd tot een groot Bas Kosters’ zeefdruk bonanza. 

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