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Bas Kosters for wehkamp "affection collection"

Posted on: January 18, 2016 - Posted in: projects

Bas Kosters for wehkamp “Affection collection”
Today my Affection collection for wehkamp sees the light of day. Three designs, cute as a button, available for everybody.
When I got asked to design a collection for wehkamp I was immediately super-excited. Wehkamp is such a Dutch icon, a company that many of us grew up with. Especially well know for their iconic catalogue, wehkamp is ever changing course, now they are adding a new extra to their busyness: affordable Dutch design. I am proud to kick off this new course
I used to have a children’s blanket, which I was very fond of. The affection you can experience for an object was the start of my design process. Three designs with signature Bas Kosters figures make up a cool and exciting butt also calming collection. “goodnight Z”, “Tickle me blue”and “Happy joy” are now for sale on the site of wehkamp.
Do you have a hard time getting out of bed? Every design comes with a cotton shopping bag in a matching print, to take your design out on the street.
Shop the collection here:

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