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Bas Kosters Dash Column 39: "Emoticon"

Posted on: March 2, 2015 - Posted in: column

Because I work in fashion I attend a lot of events, soiree’s, shows, presentations, openings and exhibitions. Usually you encounter the same familiar faces on these happenings. You greet them with a friendly “ Hey, how are you?” and they will ask you the same. You are expected to reply: “I’m Great”.  “I’m O.K” or “Not so well” is not what people would like to hear. Also when shaping our social media identity it is difficult to show what’s really on your mind, doesn’t everybody rather see exciting images and quotes about great lives? Is showing emotion wishful or acceptable in the fashion world? Or in daily life, for that matter? The fashion world’s output seems to be one of ecstatic glamour, one of fast and exciting lives, not one of people who are having sorrows, or are overworked. And even if a person in fashion or the media cracks, this kind off seems glamorous, but not recognisable. Should we hide under are a rock when we are defeated, sad or emotional? Or should we come out and say: “I am not well”, it might make live a bit more easy sometimes.

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