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Bas Kosters Dash Column 18: 'Permanent State Of Confusion'

Posted on: September 14, 2014 - Posted in: column

The world is confused. At a time when the economic crisis still leaves its mark on our lives, it’s difficult to make up your mind about which route to take. While we’re looking for a state of mindfulness, you can wonder till which extent to take this. Should we still eat at McDonald’s, if we know the things they serve can’t be considered actual food, or should we only eat soy yogurt with fruit from local farmers. And is it ethical to buy clothing at Primark even if we know it’s made under terrible circumstances, or should we only wear honest clothing from small local brands? But what if we all did that? Would that leave people that work in sweatshops without work? The fashion industry’s big players are growing stronger every day – does that still leave possibilities for small brands? Can they still find their place, and should they follow the path of high-profile, costly fashion shows, advertisement campaigns and perfume and cosmetic sales to pay for all of this?

With the world’s population getting bigger and bigger and the world’s resources decreasing, and being used less efficiently, what’s the best thing to do?

So many choices, so many visions, have you made up your mind yet?

Bas Kosters

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