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Bas Kosters Dash Column 17: 'Public Nudity'

Posted on: September 10, 2014 - Posted in: column

Some things are just plain odd, and let me explain to you why. Every now and then, nude colours are very en vogue, and if you look from up close you might ask yourself whether there’s anything wrong with that. In Holland we ride bikes on a regular basis, and do you have any idea how someone wearing nude colours looks from afar when you pass them on your bike?

Yes, they look naked! Don’t they realise that they look like a piece of flesh? A big piece of chicken breast? Teehee, this apparent public nudity can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately they’re not really naked. Instead of wearing nude-coloured clothing, you may just as well wear nothing: Fun for everyone. Come on people!

With kind regards,
Bas Kosters

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