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Bas Kosters Dash Column 16: 'The Good Life'

Posted on: September 2, 2014 - Posted in: column

I’m not one to talk negatively online because that’s something I don’t really appreciate, but there is something that surprises me time after time. As probably a lot of you know, I spend quite some time online and on my mobile, and what has really caught my eye lately is the phrase ‘long hair, don’t care’ or any other kind of hair-accompanying selfie. So you show your long hair, blue hair or any kind of hair to us, but you pretend not to care. Why would you even bother to show us that hair if you don’t care? Please keep that hair to yourself. One might consider this a sign of rebelliousness, but I consider it a sign of indifference. It’s actually quite rude to post your own picture and then say that you don’t care. Because why waste your time on that when maybe it would be better spent sharing something that you do care about.

If you want to be a rebel, go protest for something; something that might matter more than your hair. That being said, how do you like my hair? I just went to the hairdresser’s – and I care.

With kind regards,
Bas Kosters

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