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Bas Kosters Dash Column 14: 'I'm in a band'

Posted on: August 26, 2014 - Posted in: column

Years ago I was on holiday with friends in Manchester, walking around the fields outside of town. We were visiting a pub in the middle of the fields when a guy at the bar asked us if we were in a band. I said, “Yeah we are, The White Shoes.” And what do you know, the young girls are all of a sudden wearing monstrous big white plastic shoes. I’d always thought white shoes were for the elderly or nurses. Fashion always seems to surprise me and in the case of these white shoes, it certainly did. What can I say? Maybe these girls will be in my band and I will change the name to ‘The White Shoe Army’ and tour the world. lol.

With kind regards,
Bas Kosters

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