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Bas Kosters creates a warm welcome

Posted on: July 16, 2018 - Posted in: projects

A warm welcome is what we wish to all visitors of Aids 2018 conference held in Amsterdam this July. On invitation of the Dutch HIV community Bas Kosters and team were responsible for the art direction and styling of a inspiring campaign. With three aspirational themes, Family, Sub culture and diversity we try to overcome the taboo that still lies on living with HIV and give a positive and open message to the world about HIV. I am very proud to have gotten the chance to work on this project, and want to give gratitude to all models, living with HIV or caring warmly for the HIV community to take a stand and be so brave to engage in this adventure.
Concept and Graphics Gebr. silvestri
Make up and Hair Paul van der Zanden and team for B-Academy Make up

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