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ANTI Fashion Party #14!!!

Posted on: June 13, 2013 - Posted in: events


Anti Fashion Party is the answer for everybody to escape from all the fashion blabla during the Fashion blabla Week in Amsterdam. Sassy assy entertainment, cheap booze and kick ass music played by kick ass arists. Do not hesitate, but participated in a night filled with fun, color, music and excitement!


If you think you've seen it all, Anti Fashion Party mom and dad aka DJ Wannabe A Star & Bas Kosters come up with something more anti than ever. Their love child, the Anti Fashion Party, has already grown into the age of 6 and is up for some hot sexy fast food. With the simplest and most tasty dress code ever. "Nudist Pizza Gang Bang" will not even make your mouth water, but will also increase your libido…well at least for one night at the OT301. 

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